Ogos 31, 2013


I'm bored,
I'm feel like nothing,
I'm feel like I'm from dark ocean,
Nothing that I feel,
I wonder that I from the palace of dark alone city,
I don't know what I feel right now,
meanless, lonely, nothing, alone, bored,
I hope the knight from palace of happy of love come to me,
and said "Dear alone of princess come to me and meet you happiness at kingdom of happy of love,"
after all I meet my heart of lovely,
He caught my love and carried me to high of sky and never return to dark and deep ocean...

ps: maaf ye sebab guna bahasa inggeris yg teramat jahamannya tu.. misz bukan pandai pon berbahasa inggeris.. hurmmmmmmmm (TT_TT) maaf

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